Laid Back Lactation provides compassionate care, emotional support, and evidence-based solutions for breastfeeding parents and babies.

We seek to provide all babies, nursing parents, and their partners with the following:

  • Accurate and up-to-date information – We regularly attending conferences, read journal articles, and participate in online networking groups with other professionals to stay abreast of latest research, information, and best practices.

  • The help you really need, right now – We refer to other trusted providers for second opinions on issues beyond our scope of knowledge or experience. We provide follow ups with clients to make sure your care plan is working.

  • Support for breastfeeding as the most natural way to feed babies – We're committed to providing accurate and up-to-date information about feeding, supplementing, and safe milk sharing. We support nursing parents in the goals that are right for them.

  • Meeting parents where they are – We understand that the postpartum period can be an emotional and hormonal rollercoaster! We accept parent as they walk in the door to us and do not judge their choices.

  • Clarity of information – We strive to use the simplest and clearest language possible. We don't offer 10 solutions when one or two may suffice. If language or cultural barriers exist, we seek a trusted third party to translate. Involving the partner when present is important.

  • Availability for follow-ups and questions – We are always available for more information. We always direct clients to reliable and accurate sources.

  • A warm, inviting space – Our space is always clean and tidy. Our office is warm and inviting to make your experience less clinical. Water, a changing table, and toys for older siblings make it a welcoming visit.

  • A safe space, for all races, religions, genders, abilities – Postpartum is an emotionally vulnerable time for anyone. We seek to be sensitive and supportive to individuals dealing with challenges such as body image issues, sexual trauma, domestic abuse, or physical handicaps. We embrace all LGBTQIA persons. This also means being respectful of religious and cultural differences.

  • Accessibility – We are always willing to provide a sliding scale for clients who are financially challenged and not covered by insurance or other services. Please ask about this.

  • Positivity and praise – Complimenting a parent for all the things going “right” can help with worry. We seek to reinforce confidence. And we definitely think every baby is beautiful!

  • Community and connection – Humans desire connection. And new parents often feel alone in their new role. Bringing new parents together to “find their village” helps grow their confidence and enjoyment of breastfeeding.

  • An enjoyable experience! – By the time a parent comes to us they already feel that something is “wrong” or “failing.” Keeping things light can help someone through a hard time. Making parents smile, feel at ease, and laugh can get them through the hardest part. We never charge for hugs. Hence, our name: Laid Back Lactation.