We are blessed to work with incredible parents who inspire us with their determination, grace and humor. Here are some of the kind things they've said about Laid Back Lactation.

One night, I was staring down at my baby’s face, about to give up on breastfeeding, feeling broken and like I had failed my child. My wife called a lactation consultant and that same night Elizabeth walked through the door. Her smile, humor and knowledge immediately gave me comfort that things would be ok. The thing I remember the most was her saying that it’s not all or nothing. Everyone’s breastfeeding journey is different and no matter how small or big your breastfeeding accomplishment was, she was always the best cheer leader at making you feel like you were her greatest accomplishment. Breastfeeding can sometimes be seen as something to be ashamed of or something that you hide. But Elizabeth gave me the gift of seeing it differently. It is truly a labor of love and through many struggles I breastfed my baby for 10 months, but it’s a connection to last a lifetime. I am forever thankful to Elizabeth for the love, support and pride she put into helping me create that special bond with my baby and I am proud of my breastfeeding journey.
— Aida C.
As I reach the one year mark of my baby’s life and my nursing journey, I am reminded of how grateful I am for Elizabeth. She helped me and my baby learn how to nurse when it seemed impossible. Providing not only guidance, but a kind of love you need during one of the most emotional and difficult times at the start of motherhood. She is a best friend, a confidant, a motivator and becomes a part of your family. I owe so much of my baby’s health and happiness to Elizabeth’s commitment to helping us succeed with nursing. I would have a million babies if I knew she’d be there with me each time! Elizabeth is truly one of a kind!
— Amy W.
Allyson gave me priceless info and showed me how to work my pump, she’s a saint. I can’t recommend Laid Back Lactation enough ... and do yourself a favor and book before you need them, even if things are going great you will still get amazing feedback and pointers from women who are so nurturing.
— Nicole R.
Elizabeth is the main reason I was able to breastfeed my first daughter for 16 months. I was ready to give up multiple times, and each time, she had the perfect balance of support and respect for my own decision and encouragement and solutions to keep going. Elizabeth is helpful because she does not treat her clients as someone filling a time slot. They are mothers with babies who need her help. Her heart opens and absorbs the pain and hurt and provides assistance and support. I am forever grateful for her impact in my life.
— Hannah J.
Elizabeth is a boob whisperer! I met her when I was having nursing issues with my first child. Elizabeth quickly diagnosed me with oversupply and provided me with advice to help my situation. Many of my issues were resolved quickly. Elizabeth even helped me position my son correctly on my breast to help with his torticolis. When I had my second child, I knew I wanted Elizabeth on board early on regardless of whether I had nursing issues or not. She was able to determine that my little one had both a lip and tongue tie. I had no symptoms, but Elizabeth saw an issue and addressed it. She has been with me every step of the breast feeding process for both of my children. She’s a cheerleader, supportive friend, wise lactation consultant and mentor.
— Kelly P.
I cannot thank Allyson at Laid Back Lactation enough for a consult that was a complete game changer for my breastfeeding game! My son, 8 days old, had a very severe tongue tie which was corrected a couple of days ago. Needless to say, he was behind on his latching and I was behind on my milk production. After an emotional week, the two hours my son and I spent with Allyson were the most instrumental in helping us to succeed with latching - and transfer! Far more valuable than all of the books, apps, and hospital personnel I met with. Allyson’s kind, honest, and knowledgeable approach to teaching made the breastfeeding experience far less daunting and far more enjoyable for both me and my son.
— Megs T.
There truly aren’t enough superlatives to describe what an incredible lactation consultant and human being Elizabeth is! I first met Elizabeth after the birth of my daughter and, at that time, was experiencing intense pain during nursing. She was like a guardian angel that swooped in and completely changed my nursing experience and my journey into new motherhood. She shared her pearls of wisdom and emotional support as she identified and guided us through a tongue/upper lip tie revision, helped us navigate my daughter’s early issues with allergies, and carried us through challenging moments that I experienced while nursing a toddler. Elizabeth is more than just a brilliant lactation consultant, she is a trusted confidant, a devoted mother herself, and a selfless and loving friend. Breastfeeding and mother support is her passion, and she went above and beyond in ways I could not have imagined. I truly could not have made it through the experience of nursing and being a first time mom without her compassion, guidance, and care. Once you have worked with her, you will feel blessed and thankful that she was a part of your journey.
— Erika P.
It would be impossible to put into words what an amazing support Elizabeth was throughout my breastfeeding journey. She met with me prior to delivery to ensure I had everything I needed and my pump was set up correctly. My second daughter was tongue tied, losing weight, and not latching after birth and she was at my house the day after I came home for assessment and put a plan into place for me to pump and feed her. She eased my fears and her confidence that we would get the baby back on the breast is what kept me going in those tough first days. Even though I doubted it would work, after my baby’s tongue was released she was breastfeeding like a champ. Thanks to Elizabeth’s unwavering support and encouragement from pregnancy on I was able to breastfeed my daughter exclusively for 9.5 months, even after I went back to work full time at 4 months. I weaned her right after she turned 1 and Elizabeth was there to walk me through it with compassion and zero judgment. She is truly one of the kindest, most selfless women I have ever met. When I say she is pro momma it is in every sense of the word. Truly a miracle worker.
— Kim H.
It truly takes a village to not only raise a child but support a mother, especially when it comes to breastfeeding. When I left the hospital with my son, I felt overwhelmed due to a number of breastfeeding challenges. After I connected with Laid Back Lactation, I immediately received the care I needed to successfully nurse my son (and regain my sanity). Their expertise empowered me as a new mother.
— Rebecca L.
Elizabeth and Allyson were crucial to my success in breastfeeding. They welcomed my son and I with open arms and were filled with so much knowledge. Laid Back Lactation was the support I needed to continue my journey through the good and bad days. The experience we had was a wonderful one. Walking in each week felt like we were visiting a family. I cannot say enough good things! Thank you Elizabeth and Allyson for supporting me through my 16 months of nursing ❤️
— Channey C.